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   1) No Spamming - Of Any Sort
   2) No Flooding - Of Any Sort
   3) No Child Pornography or Fraudulent Activities.
   4) No more than 2 connections to one server. (2 connections per IP per server)
   5) NO BOTNETS! (XDCC bots are not botnets - further information, join #help)
   6) No Channel Wars - This is punishable by both channels being closed.
   7) No Ban Evasion - It will not be tolerated, if you need to contact admins
                               email us at:
                               Consistant ban evasion will have all requests or emails
   8) Immortal-Anime reserves the right to remove any user from the network for
       any reason.



   The law of IRCops on this network is to only wager with network issues.
   We refuse to meddle in channel issues at all times.



    Failure to read these rules does not exempt anyone from being banned.


   Please refrain from insulting our hard-working staff.
   This is a free service, try not to complain.