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Last Updated: 01/04/10

How-to Guide for SSL on IRC


So you want to use a secure connection on Immortal-Anime? Your in luck, we offer SSL to the public on port 6000 and 6697. Here I will explain to you how to verify our server certificates against our CA (Certificate Authority) root certificate using mIRC. This guide assumes you have already downloaded mIRC and setup preferences to your liking, the scope of this article is limited to setting up SSL in mIRC. By the way, the information in this guide can be applied to other IRC networks as well that offer SSL.

(1) Install OpenSSL

The first thing you need to do is download OpenSSL for win32. You can find it here. I recommend using the latest Lite Version. Download and Install the package. You must also install the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributables.

(2) Install Our CA Certificate

*UPDATE* This step can be skipped if you install our new SSL Helper, it will simply install the certificate file for you. It can be downloaded here.

Or if you prefer the old method, follow along below:

Download our root certificate
here, and save it to a location where it wont get deleted by accident or anything, the mIRC folder is a good place. Be sure to right click and use "Save Link as..." or "Save Target as..." to verify your saving it to the correct folder.




Now start mIRC (or restart it if you already had it running). Note: Restarting mIRC is only nessesary if you just installed or updated OpenSSL.

Next we add the certificate you just downloaded to mIRCs SSL options to make it trusted. To do this go into mIRC options (Alt + O) and navigate into Connect > Options. There should now be a button in that area called SSL... click it.




Now you will see the SSL options, click the box below "Trusted authority file:".




Browse to the file you just downloaded and select it, then click Open.



After verifying that the file you just opened is shown in the box, hit OK to leave the SSL Options.



(3) Setup Server Info


Now, still in the mIRC options, navigate to Connect > Servers. Locate and select Immortal-Anime in the Network list.




Select Edit from below the "IRC Server:" box. 





An Edit window will box up, make the following changes:

Ports: +6000,+6697

Now hit OK.



(4) Test SSL Connection

Then click the "Connect to Server" button.



If everything went well you should be connecting to Immortal-Anime now securely. There are a couple of ways to verify this. Hopefully you connected without being asked by mIRC to verify the certificate, thats the main point behind adding the root certificate to the trusted list. If you look in the Status window, you should see something like this:

-Server.Immortal-Anime.Net- *** You are connected to Server.Immortal-Anime.Net with TLSv1-AES128-SHA-128bits

This verifies you are connected via SSL. You could also do " //whois $me " and the server will tell you that you are indeed connected securely. If you don't see either of these, then you probably did something wrong.



(5) Conclusion

Hopefully by now you are now utilizing SSL.

If you have trouble following this guide and need some help you can PM on Immortal-Anime, my nickname is J or email me at: edwardelric [at] immortal [hyphen] anime [dot] net

This concludes the SSL How-to guide, I hope you have found it useful.