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Why Donate?

  • Servers cost us money, and without donations they are difficult to pay for.
  • The more donations we get, the better the servers we can afford.
  • By helping us, you will be helping out the anime community as a whole.
  • Dedicated donors may be eligible for special status on the network. (This is not guaranteed however.)
  • We appreciate it. We know that you don't want to part with your hard earned money, but when you donate, you get a warm fuzzy feeling in return.
  • If you include your IRC Nickname in the transaction, it will be displayed on this page with the amount you donated.

Note: A PayPal account is not requiredto donate, donations can be made as a PayPal Guest using any major credit card or debit card. (The second option after clicking the button below, PayPal account creation is optional.)



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    Thank You!