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Rusty Dog

I just wanted to post an update for anyone that was wondering. Rusty is all better now.

Thank you for your support!


We are proud to announce the Immortal-Anime F@H team. If you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years or just don't know what Folding@Home is, here is the Wikipedia page. If you want to join our team and help to find cures and more effective treatments for cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, and other ailments our team number is 215675. You can get the CPU version of F@H here, or the GPU and SMP (multi-core CPU) versions which are much more efficiant but require certain computer hardware here.

Thanks guys!

New SSL Certificates

Our old SSL certificates that we purchased last year (for a promotional price) are expiring soon. The cost to renew them was 5 times the inital cost so we decided to go back to using our own certificates. The new CA certificate is here (20 year certificate), or you can use the new version of our SSL helper installer available here.

SSL Certificate and Tutorial Updated

Its a new year and we have a new SSL certificate. We replaced the self-signed certificates with one from a trusted Certificate Authority. However, most Windows IRC clients don't use operating system built-in certificates for verification. So you will probably have to install the CA root certificate into your IRC client. You can download the CA cert here. If your IRC client is mIRC or X-Chat SilvereX build, you can use our SSL Helper to automagically install the certificates.

The SSL Tutorial for mIRC has been updated too. You can view it here.

Cox blocking (pun intended)

It has recently come to our attention that a national ISP is hijacking our DNS record to redirect IRC connections to their own server. Cox supposedly does this to protect its users from drones that may be running on their machines. However, as I am sure most of you are aware Immortal-Anime does not allow drones and pro-actively removes any that are found. With that said, I have to wonder what Cox true motives may be. Regardless of motive, we have a work around for anyone expriencing this issue. All you have to do is change the DNS servers you use in your PC or router depending on your setup. For simplicity we recommend you use the OpenDNS service. Also, feel free to bitch at your ISP, maybe they will remove the dns redirection?

Note: After you change the DNS servers, it is nessesary to close your IRC client (mIRC?) and flush the windows DNS cache with the command ipconfig /flushdns which you can run from Start -> Run... -> type "cmd" -> click OK.


UPDATE: Cox removed the DNS redirection affecting our domain. We've decided to leave this posting up for informational purposes incase other ISPs block us in the same manor.

Forums Opened

The IA staff would like to invite you to join us on our new forums.
So stop in, sign up, and fun have

How to connect to IRC securely (SSL) **UPDATED**

The SSL tutorial/how-to guide has been updated, you can check it out HERE. Also we have added a How-to Guides section. Currently the only how-to is for SSL, but that will change soon enough. New guides that we planned to add soon consist of a guides for leeching XDCC bots and fservers, a guide for setting up an fserver, and anything else we can think would be useful.

Wakaba Image Board

We added an Image Board to the site. Be sure to check it out and post some of your favorite anime images

Pages updated!

I updated a few pages on the site tonight (Connection, Services, All of the "About Us" section). Check it out if you haven't already.

Rules Updated

The network rules have been updated. Everyone should take a look the the Rules page or type /rules on IRC to review the changes.

New site

Out with the old, in with the new. The new site is complete, I think it looks better than the old one. Didn't bother importing old news so were starting clean